Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term

Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term

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Size 30 ml 1 oz

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Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term has the following features: Acts as a ""second skin"" that softly embraces skin, creating an instant, long-lasting and intensive protection. Oat Seed Extract creates a continuous, stretchy and flexible mesh on skin's surface which giving an immediate lifting sensation. Rhatany and Lemon Extracts tones help minimize pores. Provides an in-depth strengthening effect to firm skin. Day after day, it strengthens dermal structure.* Skin will appear lifted and signs of fatigue are faded. After 4 weeks, the skin is more toned and you will feel denser to the touch. *In vitro test on the active ingredients

Use in the mornings and evenings. Mornings: as a base for make-up to help foundation last longer. Throughout the day: as a touch up over make-up. Evening: for an instant beauty boost.

Active ingredients: Rhatany Extract, Lemon Extract, Oat Seed Extract, Tiger Nut Extract, Cotton Extract, Red Vine Extract, Watercress Extract, Biosaccharide Solution, Glycerin of Vegetable Origin