Purity Bi-Falls - Biphase Makeup Remover for Eyes

Purity Bi-Falls - Biphase Makeup Remover for Eyes

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Size 60 ml 2 oz

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Valmont Purity Bi-Falls - Biphase Makeup Remover for Eyes details:

  • This eye makeup remover combines delight and efficiency by removing all eye makeup in an instant.
  • It is safe to use around the eyes and removes even the most stubborn makeup.
  • It can also be used on waterproof products, softening skin and respecting delicate areas.
  • The next day, your skin will be free of all residue and look fresh and refreshed.

Shake the bottle well before pouring it onto a cotton pad. Apply to areas with makeup and wait a few seconds for the makeup to dissolve. Gently slide the cotton over the area without rubbing. No need to rinse.