Three-Dimensional Eyes

Three-Dimensional Eyes

#1 Neutral Beige
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Size 4 g

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LUNASOL Three-Dimensional Eyes is a four-color eye shadow set that creates well-calculated three-dimensional eyes through colors inspired by skin-colored beige and the gradation of different lusters. Highlight Color and Shade Color consists of three different levels of luster to manipulate light and shadow more precisely.

Blend A (Highlight Color) on the brow bone. Apply B (Follow-up Color) over the entire eyelid crease. Blend C (Main Color) from the lash line toward the entire eyelid crease. Apply D (Shade Color) along the upper lash line as you draw a line. Apply A (Highlight Color) under the eye (two-thirds of the way from the inner corner) and D (Shade Color) under the eye (one-third of the way from the outer corner). Note: Adjust luster by blending a, b and c of A and D as desired. For an even more three-dimensional look, apply """"a"""" of A on the center of the eyelid and around the inner corner of the eye at the end.